June 20, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend Adventures

In Lara's words, last weekend was "Daddy's pick" - which ended up being a big win for all of us because what he picked turned out to be crazy awesome!

First, a trip to the beach, which failed to get the photodocumentation treatment. How do you guys deal with the whole camera+sand=ack! aspect of bringing electronics to the beach? My solution generally is just to leave everything in the car to avoid stressing about it. Which means you don't get to see the hilarity that was both kids self-buried up to their chests in sand. But I digress.

That afternoon, we hung out in the park with a ball. And when I say "hung out", what I mean is "marveled at the sudden and astounding acquisition of athletic prowess displayed by little Pele-rina over here":

They must take the "education" part of Physical Education pretty seriously at her school, because this kid now suddenly has some mean soccer skills... which we certainly didn't teach her.

The next day featured another impressive display of child maturity, as we rented a canoe and rowed down a little stream near Princeton.

Yours truly, being of little faith, thought for sure one of the kids would get bored and capsize the boat - or with some luck only fall into the water solo. But no! Behold the team fit to oar a galleon:

We saw turtles, dragon flies, birds, and even managed to avoid splashing each other with the oars for the most part. Which means? Whitewater rafting here we come! No day in Princeton is complete without a picnic lunch from Olives, and this day was not complete without a demonstration in throwing technique. Here, Lara displays her new command of the frisbee, and Misha is all set to throw a regulation discus-Jake:

A stroll through campus is also a must, if only for the mandatory figure-eight sculpture photo op:

That afternoon? Bubbles in the back yard:

Happy Fathers Day!

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mwg said...

it's so wonderful! and thank you for bringing us along to share the fun.