February 8, 2012

The Ages of Lara

Can you tell that we are now down to 18 baby teeth? The second skipped out a few days behind the first, and Lara has been exuberantly mispronouncing her sibilants to great aplomb. Jakey has been vocally objecting to the idea that his teeth will follow suit. And also, grrrrrr.

Ok, maybe it really is hard to tell from a photo - but how about the commemorating art work that accompanies it? Check out this not-so-toothy self-portrait:

And now that we are on the subject of the physical manifestations of age, check out this amazing drawing Lara whipped up the other day: it's her going from a crawling baby to a toddler in diapers to a triumphant 3 year old:

My favorite part are those hilarious diapers. Misha loves the way the baby's legs are done following the rules of perspective.


mwg said...

i also love how Lara introduced the "split screen" effect into her drawing.

Institute for Internet Safety said...

Love you little Lara. You just make me smile. You're such an adorable girl. Stay cool!

Enlightenment said...

Such a beautiful angel with a talent of wit! God bless pretty girl!