January 1, 2012

Holiday Blitz (1)

Happy New Year!

Our holidays were joyous and full of friends and family - the best possible way to celebrate. Even though in reality each of us managed to go through some kind of viral thingie or another, all that remains in my memory is the fun and the warmth of the last two weeks.

Here is a little taste of the Hanukkah party we threw last weekend.

I busted out the old latke recipe (potatoes, eggs, salt, pepper, no onions):

And of course no Hanukkah party would be complete without the traditional dreidel-shaped pinata. Oh, you haven't heard of that one? Yeah, me neither, but that didn't stop me from whipping one up from two boxes, a paper towel roll, and some crepe paper. I decided to go with the pull-the-string style rather than having a bunch of kids try to whack something with a heavy stick indoors. (The secret to tricking a bunch of little kids? Use the really boring, plain ribbon for the the one that opens the trap door. Why, yes, I am very proud of outwitting small children.)

Inside? Well-earned chocolate bounty...

...which temporarily made a super-sick little guy a little happy.

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