April 15, 2011

Newest Art

Lara's become a drawing fiend all of a sudden - which is completely wonderful, since she will sit and draw perfectly happily entertained for quite a while. Which... well, we all need a parenting break every now and again and this way I don't have TV guilt. What's even better is that Jakey, who only wants to do whatever his big sister is doing, will equally happily scribble next to her for almost as long as she is drawing. Two kids playing together! Without me as entertainment! And it's good for the old noodle, too! Boom. Winning.

Anyway, here are some recent favorites:

This is Arthur riding a surfboard in the ocean (which is complete with sand, seaweed, and rocks on the ocean floor), while an alligator is coming to eat him. I hope he gets away!

And this is a lovely house with some hammocks in the yard. Mmmm... Vacation...


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