December 12, 2010

Warm Sleepies for Naaiii

I was half-heartedly looking around for some flannel sheets for Jakey's crib when it dawned on me - um, it's a fabric rectangle with folded-in edges and some elastic. Hey, me, I said, you could probably whip one of those up and then you could also skip the mandatory boy-related prints. Jakey came with me to the fabric store to help pick out the fabric. Ok, I dragged him along by letting him push the shopping cart around and quickly grabbed what jumped out at me as we ran by it at top 18-month old speed. A few hours later (don't judge, I'm slow with the machine), I ended up with this:

flannel crib sheet & pillow

I have the rest of the fabric pieces to make a reverse-coordinating set of sheet and pillowcase whenever I get around to it.

Whenever Jakey points to his crib he says appreciatively, "Naaaiii," alluding with great wisdom to the Good-Night song we sing to him before bed every day.


WYSIWYG said...

Very nice bedding. Nice to not have to be dictated to as to what pre-made products for boys that are available. Sorry it's not related--but I made your brusselsprout recipe again last night: it's delicious!

Latex Mattress said...

I love do it yourself linens! It's the best way to go. Have you ever tried a latex mattress in your crib? They're a lot better for the baby, and the environment!

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful naaaiii