October 31, 2010

Second children

I know it's something everyone acknowledges, but when you scroll back and see all the photos, logs, journals, and documentation of every little accomplishment Lara had as a baby-turning-toddler, and compare that to the lack thereof for Jakey, it makes me feel a little guilty.

He's awesome, and is just the nicest little guy - Jakey is 17 months old, and can say:
"Da-deeeee" (when I call as I'm coming home from work, or in pictures, or definitely in person... but the best is when I walk in the door at the end of the day and he weeble-wobbles over chanting it again and again as he runs up for an after-work hug!)
"Mom-meeee," (no commentary, because this is a sore point; he says this a lot, but Anna is not convinced that he says it specifically for her. No commentary from me.)
"Wah-wuh" (Lara),
"Bauuuu" (Ball... you'll notice Jakey drags out the ends of words often)
"Caaaaah" (Car, a la Boston)
"Uh-oh" (probably his most used phrase, and usually followed by "Owww" whether there was an injury or not... he seems to realize those words frequently go together)
"Naaaaan" (I thought this was naan, as in, the Indian bread, which Jakey likes, but Anna and Jakey have convinced me that he is saying "no")
Jakey's version of yes/affirmative/definitely is an excited "yayayayayayayaah" until he gets what he's clamoring for. It works.
"Naaaaai" (Good night, usually as part of the little song we sing to put him to bed.)
One of the best is: "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooaah" - a very slow, drawn out, "more." That one is inescapable, and sounds like it's from an inescapable little monster. He's the best!

He says a ton of other things, too - he can repeat just about anything, and often "gets it," whether it's words or other - he has been seen getting his cup and toddling up to the refrigerator and pushing it against the water filter dispenser, often with some "Uh-oh, owwww" to follow. He says boy and girl, blue.... I'm sure I'm forgetting many. He also recognizes a ridiculous amount of things, like nearly all his body parts, and knows what nearly every animal says. He can't say "horse," but Jakey has "neigh" down pat, for instance. In fact, this afternoon we were in the kitchen and Jakey started going "meow, meow, meow" insistently, so we glanced around, and sure enough, in the backyard was a cat! As it bolted away at the ensuing attention, Jakey waved and gave it a dutiful "bye byeeeee!" Plus he's incredibly responsible. We can be across the house and say "Jakey, take your shoes and put them away," and he'll go carry them all the way to the shoe rack, find some spots for them, and slot them in just how they belong. He's very good at "put it back," and helps clean up. He's clearly in love with his sister, and he's very huggy and affectionate.

Oops, we just got trick-or-treaters, and now there are tears that we're giving away - and not receiving - candy yet. Gotta get into costume and take them out!

Oh, and Jakey loves dancing, but much like his dad he's got one move. His is cuter.
Jakey we love you!


mwg said...

Thank you, Misha for sharing with us. Jakey IS the cutest and loveliest guy! Can't wait to see him and all of you!

mwg said...

i love it that you added a picture to the wonderful tribute/essay about our favorite little guy. He looks so cute in this picture!!! :):):)