October 19, 2010


This year featured the first annual Halloween pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern extravaganza at our house. Misha and Lara had a blast sawing their way through two of these suckers:

Oooooooohooohooohoooo spooky!

We ended up with three awesome pumpkins - traditional, winky, and cat:

And it's a good thing we took this picture when we did because not three days later, they are totally destroyed and eaten by squirrels. Is there some trick we're missing to making them squirrel-proof? Or is this just the fate of carved pumpkins everywhere? And also - are there carving tools that are built to last? Where would one buy them?

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Dariela said...

I love the little pumpkin cat!

We don't have squirrels that eat them out here but they do go bad pretty quick, I was also wondering if there is a trick for them not to!!
And the carving tools, I have bought these little template books that they sell at the drugstore or even the grocery shop with the tools included and they are good. We have 2 sets now which lasted over the years.