August 29, 2010

Walking to School

I love walking Lara to school. It's the perfect combination of the familiar and the new. Every day, the same route - but, every day, some new combination of hilariousness or awesomeness or fantasy or deep thoughts from my girl.

Friday, for instance, there were flowers to smell,

public art to explore (this one looks like a number 8, by the way),

little brothers fascinated by passing dogs (a new development on the Jakey front - suddenly, he's noticing birds and squirrels and dogs - and today, he freaked out with delight on seeing a hippo at the zoo!),

and fences to balance on while Mommy tried to take pictures Abbey Road-style.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Lara had this conversation with her dad:

Misha: You have to listen to me.
Lara: NO!
Misha: I'm the boss!
Lara: Well, I'm going to take a magic wand and take the boss out of you and put it into my head! Then I'll be the boss and you'll be the kid and you'll have to do what I say!

See what I mean about the constant new awesomeness?


mwg said...

I enjoyed it as always!:)

Karen said...

Wow... Lara looks so grown up! I'm sorry to say that I enjoyed reading Lara and Misha's conversation~ now I know that my husband and I aren't going through this stage/phase alone! :)

Tigermom said...

I adore walking kids to school as well. I still insist on it even though I am usually forced to stay several steps behind them and pretend that I do not know them.