August 29, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Ok, so I have nothing but respect for everyone out there that makes everything they possibly can from scratch, and honestly, my inclination is to do that as much as possible too... but for my money, on a rainy day, nothing is better than busting out a chunk of Trader Joe's pizza dough and letting the kids go to town.

Lara pretty much did the last batch entirely on her own. She's all about the rolling pin.

But she knows that any chef worth her salt needs to accessorize properly for every occasion (so are you guy caught up in the Silly Bandz thing? I didn't realize four was already old enough to care about fads!).

A corner with just dough and cheese for Lara; a plain slice for Jakey; and tomatoes, artichokes, broccoli, and basil leaves for mom and dad.

While the pizza is baking, there are only so many ways to entertain a hungry brother. Way number 4? Some floor Cheerios.

The extra bonus of this kid activity? Dinner!


Phyllis said...

This is such a sweet, homey, feel-good post.

Phyllis said...
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MWG said...

What a great helper - and the Pizza looks delicious! And did Jakey like his pizza?