May 28, 2010

Lara's Art

Self-portrait in a pink dress, with friends from the Rockets Room, and a pink cut-paper frame.

I love watching Lara's drawings evolve and change. After she first started drawing people, she moved on to a kind of non-figurative colorful-blobby artwork where she would first draw a series of amorphous shapes and then fill them in with different colors. Now we're back to people and animals, and somehow magically they've become far more complex and expressive. It's amazing how it just happens - no practice, no determined effort, just simple progression and development. It's been the same way with her writing too. If only learning could keep being this fluid throughout life!

Friends for Jakey's birthday party. Everyone is holding hands, and Peter is saying "Stop It!" because Lara is trying to blow out the birthday candle too early. (There is actually another section of this picture that shows the cake, candle, and Lara blowing it out, but I couldn't get a good photo of it.)

This kind of narrative-picture reminds me of that great Just-So Story, "How the First Letter was Written," where the little girl tries to tell a story through drawings, and it doesn't really work out that well without explanatory words to go with it.

Yellow fish.

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