May 24, 2010

And Now We Are 1 (Part the Second)

On Sunday, Jakey got a full-on party with family and almost-family. After all, as his grandma Nancy pointed out, turning 1 is the highest yield birthday - a 100% increase! After that, the growth rate just keeps slowing.

I whipped up a poster of the ages of Jakey (through Shutterfly):

There was a crazy amount of food - bagels and things from Dadie and Norman, burgers and hot dogs and chicken expertly grilled on our new grill by Avi, and an amazing panoply of desserts from grandma Marina, great-grandma Lena, Avi and Yoo-Mee, and yours truly. We have a fridge full of leftovers now, and that is always a good thing.

Even the weather totally cooperated despite the threats of rain from the forecast. Lara, Mikey, and Benji busted out the lawn car, which got a good wipe down (that's what they're doing in that first photo), and then was ridden around in every possible combination.

Then, cupcakes. The decor? Green icing and lots and lots of letter J's...

...which, incidentally was the only part of his cupcake that Jakey enjoyed. Seriously. He refused to take a single bite of either icing or cake, and when I finally just shoved some in his mouth, he tasted it, looked at me, heaved a big sigh, and then spat it out.

But, they went over just fine with the rest of the crew.

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