March 13, 2010

Works in Progress

So my main complaint lately is that there Just Aren't Enough hours in the day. Either that or my brain has slowed significantly. So I decided, rather than waiting to finish these thingamadoos before showing them to you, might as well do a progress report. Everyone likes seeing things in progress, right? Right?

Ahem. We begin with this loverly Anthropologie top that is cute and made out of this super-soft material.

It has now been altered like so:

On the docket: finish the sleeves by gathering them at the bottom and maybe adding some brown jersey ruffles there as well. Any thoughts?

We move on to these two thingies: a beloved overall dress that is now too short and a never-worn top that is also too short. What to do?

Sew them together, of course! And also throw in a tiny tank top for Jakey (made out of random jersey scraps I found in my cloth collection).

In the near future: adding the overall straps as appliques to the shoulders of the brown top to visually connect the top and bottom together better. Also maybe an applique of some sort for the little tank.


mooniebutt said...

Love the dress! Maybe put the ruffles on the other side so they cover the buttons? Just a thought - I've never sewn anything in my life. Maybe one day with all this inspiration floating around. :)

mwg said...

Loved it - looks great. I suggest a little boat applique for Jakey's T to make more "manly".