March 15, 2010

Fashion Show

Here are the finished dresses!

brown shirt & pink skirt to dress

peach shirt to dress

Like most mediocre designers I benefit more from the adorableness of my model than from the skill of my sewing. But I'll take it!


Tigermom said...

Great! I especially love the Anthropologie shirt. Have to say, from the prior email, I thought it was for you. The sleeves came out perfect.

mwg said...

oh, that's so adorable. Both dresses are great and Lara really got into modeling:).

emily said...

so cuteeeee!

and to answer your question on my blog, "we" refers to myself, and two of my best friends luna and kat :) i'm very excited.

allavolo said...

The dress and Lora-the-Model are just perfect! Love color and flowers