February 15, 2010


This year's valentines were of the lowest form of wit variety (thanks, Dryden!):

yoda one for me
Yoda one for me

wood you be mine
Wood you be mine?

it's boron when you argon
It's Boron when you Argon

i've got my mind's ion you
I've got my mind's ion you

you can count on me
You can count on me

i louvre you
I Louvre you

Clearly these references make sense to us... but they might not to all of you less geeky people out there. So ask, and I'll explain in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love these, except for I've got my mind's eye on you and you can count on me, which I don't get. But I'm sure thety are very funny if you get the reference, just because the other ones are so fantastic.


Anna said...

Thanks so much, Anette!

"My mind's ion you" is an X-men reference. In the movie, Patrick Stewart plays Professor X, whose power is mind control and telepathy. Ian McKellen plays Magneto, whose power is the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and through them, metal objects. So "mind" for telepath, and "ion" for ionized, and thus magnetized, metal.

"Count on me" is a reference to "The Wire," aka the best TV show ever and for all time. Some of the characters are drug dealers in the projects, and part of their day-to-day work revolves around keeping "the count" accurate. Basically, bookkeeping. There is a funny bit where one of the counters can't do a fifth-grade math problem and another one asks how come he can do the complex arithmetic of keeping the count so well. "If you get the count wrong, you get beat," he answers. Which obviously needs to be adopted by our school system. :)