October 16, 2009


curly leaf cluster

I took this during a brief respite in the farm activities. It was just such a glorious day.

Anyone know what kind of tree has curly leaves like this? It was quite large and shady, if that helps.


leocat said...

Looks like a kind of willow (no idea what's the english word for "Trauerweide", I'm German).
The Latin name is salix babylonica, might also be a salix alba tristis or another from that family.

Curly leafs might indicate the tree is sick :( - or the weather has been very dry recently.

But it might also be a kind of willow I haven't come across on my part of the world. ;-)

btw.: I'm following your blog for over a year secretly.

I come here just looking for an advice to make stencil paintings the way you do for christmas-presents last year (never had the time to finally try it, though), and got stuck. :-D

It's just wonderful to watch your little ones grow up. Your daughter is sooooooo adorable!
I wish I had one... (we've been trying for years, but without the expensive help of doctors it seems we won't have a chance. We're just starting the second ICSI-treatment.)

Amanda said...

Hi! It's definitely a "curly willow". I live in Tennessee and we have them here. Nothing is wrong with the leaves. That is the way it is supposed to be.