October 15, 2009

Apple Picking

Last Sunday was perfect for going to nearby Terhune Orchards farm for the all the fall festivities (and we even managed to fit some apple-picking in!). It's a wonderful place, as good as Linvilla - so everyone, go there!

Lara ate her first caramel apple, which was mildly unorthodox since it was also covered in M&M's... but she didn't seem to mind. Speaking of eating amazing food for the first time, Misha and I tried the farm's kettle corn. Where has this stuff been all my life? We devoured a giant bag of it, and I was tempted to drive out there again today to buy some more.

Lara ga-zumped out of this stump like the Lorax.

We went with Sam, Inna, Mikey, and Benji - and I believe I am correct when I say perfect day enjoyed by all.

I wanted to crop Sam and Benji out of this picture and caption it, "Look how big Jakey has gotten!" but then decided our family would freak out a little bit.

Getting the actual apples involved some heroics...

...or at least more height than most of us could attain.

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mwg said...

Great pictures of an obviously beautiful day (plus the weather cooperated so nicely). Lara looks so grown-up and wonderful, and so, of course, does everyone else! Very, very enjoyable pictures!