October 8, 2009

Lara the Good Fairy

Ever since I made Jakey's pirate outfit, Lara has been clamouring for the wings and magic wand that will complete her fairy costume (the main part of which will be this green dress). This will be the surprise that awaits her when she gets home:

Lara's fairy wings and magic wand

I used this excellent set of instructions for the wings, and the magic wand I just winged from a cardboard tube, a piece of the same tights I used for the wings, some pink felt, and a bit of stuffing to puff out the star.


mwg said...

OMG - these wings look so cool - now i can't wait to see pictures of Lara and Jakey in full Halloween get ups.

fawndear said...

Your little fairy is soooo lucky! You did an excellent job on the wings. I Love Them!

MnC said...

Finally got around to posting pictures of the boy kitchen I made for my charge.