October 3, 2009

Following in her mother's footsteps?

Hi world. Mr. Forty-two roads here. This morning Lara and I sat down to create some artwork, and lo! it appears the little lady may be following in her mother's footsteps. Here are some of Lara's "crafty endeavors" from this morning.

She started with this picture of Marina:

And then we decided to create a birthday card - here's Marina again, with a little message written (partially) by Lara. I'll let you guess which letters are hers.

Then Lara created a self portrait, and added her little brother. So cute!

As attention was waning, I tried to get Lara to draw me. You see the 2 lines I got where my mouth is? That's my beard.

She's the best!!

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mwg said...

It was by far the best present I got for my birthday!!! Thank you, Lara and Mr.42roads