October 14, 2009

File Under "Learning Process"

So the other day, I had the brilliant idea that I should try to bake my first set of oatmeal raisin cookies... and... how shall I put this? In Russian, there is a really great expression - pervyi blin komom - which roughly translates to "the first pancake will come out crumpled."

mistake - oatmeal raisin "cookie"

Turns out that is pretty much true in this case! Did you know that cookie dough should be put in tiny pieces on the cookie sheet? Because I, for one, did not realize that each dough dollop would expand as much as it did. What I ended up with is basically, a bunch of sweet scones. Still, I have to say that they don't taste all that bad! I actually ate one for lunch today with a cup of tea - and just one of these "cookies" was enough for quite a filling lunch. Don't think of it as eating a giant misshapen oatmeal cookie - think of it as a bowl of sweet oatmeal with raisins!

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Evelyn in Canada said...

That's so funny! But it would make an awesome breakfast, regardless of the shape.