September 4, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Conversation with Lara as she is looking at pictures of her dad and me from when we were still dating.

L: Hey, look, that's you and daddy! But where am I?
A: Oh, that was before you were born.
L: But you and daddy were born?
A: Yes, daddy and I were born a long time ago. You were born three years ago, but I was born thirty years ago!

Lara looks at the pictures again and thinks about this some more.

L: Oh. Was I at home because I wasn't born yet?
A: Well, not really at home. You were a little tiny dot in my tummy. Remember how Jakey was in my tummy before he was born? You were in my tummy before you were born also.
L: So what happened? What happened when I was born?
A: You became our little baby daughter. And I became a mommy. Before that I was a woman.
L: But you are a woman!
A: That's true - now I'm a woman and a mommy.
L: And I'm a daughter and Jakey is a son.

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mwg said...

i really liked the conversation:), and i also like that the princess dress can be used for climbing...