September 13, 2009

At the Mall

We took our resident fashionista to the mall yesterday to pick out some new shoes, and I am happy to declare us the winners of the process, and her the new owner of these cute pink mary-janes. Also - check out that chin-length bob, courtesy of yours truly and some skillful bathtub diplomacy. Seriously, I've come to the conclusion that no one who has not had to handle a three year-old daily should be put into any State Department positions.

Here I think I might be contemplating making a break for it... That's really quite a longing look at the door of the glasses store.



mwg said...

Loved it - thank you! :)

Karen said...

Love the shoes and the 'do'. Cute, cute, cute!
My girls just got new 'dos', too!

Patsy said...

You girls look lovely!! Have a blessed week!