June 15, 2009

A Lara's-Eye View

One of the presents Lara's very thoughtful brother brought her when he was born is a little digital camera. She was a big, big fan of this gift - probably her favorite thing Jakey came home with. (It's amazing how technology leapfrogs itself, by the way - a 2 megapixel camera is now $30.) She is not quite a master yet, but here are some fun shots from the past few weeks.


Pattie said...

I know I would have loved a gift like that :)

These are some great pics. Way better than anything I could have done at her age I'm sure lol

mwg said...

...and I liked the name you titled this entry - it really IS the way Lara sees the world through the viewfinder.

Tigermom said...

A camera is a very empowering gift. Control over how the world is seen.