May 25, 2009

Sweet Jakey

It only took two days to get this iconic photo:


lputtanniah said...

Jakey is sooo adorable and delicious! We miss little peanut stage! Congratulations to all of you! And Misha, thank goodness you are finishing residency soon so you can (hopefully) stay awake with your little ones!
Love, Luki, Vinay, & Arun

Kim said...

Oh gosh, he is just so sweet! Congratulations Mama. Enjoy your babymoon!!

Evelyn in Canada said...

That second photo, with Jake's mouth hanging open and his arms all hanging and makes me want to have another one. He's so sweet and completely trusting.

And then I remember how much I needed sleep and how I did't sleep well during the whole pregnancy and I remember that I'm five years older now. Phew -- luckily reality always kicks in and I do still get to enjoy other people's newborn babies.