May 31, 2009

One week later

Jake has fully mastered that grumpy-old-man baby face.

Lara is the happy recipient of many presents - some from her brother, some from the rest of her family - and has mastered the art of saying "thank you" so cutely that gift givers are inspired to give more.

Lara's family, meanwhile, has mastered the art of appealing to her princess-ballerina side.


girlfiend said...

Is that baby holder (chair? swing?) Dwell? I love it. The baby is adorable too.


mwg said...

The princess (and the prince, of course) look SO adorable, and the pictures captured this amazingly well.

Tigermom said...

I love how they still hold their bodies as if they were still on the inside.

Love the tutu.

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Congratulations on your little man! Did you make your changing table pad cover? If so, is it pretty easy? Do you have a tutorial for that? Thanks

Aubergine said...

So cute!
Congratulations to you all.