May 13, 2009

Little Skirt

Teal handkerchief skirt

Anthropologie was having a huge sale on dip-dyed napkins (handkerchiefs?) and I really couldn't resist (each for $1.95!)... Now they are a little skirt for the little girl. And oh, my goodness, is she is a girl - you should have heard the 10 minute shoe discussion this morning as I tried to get her to just put any of them on and get out the door. Am I fueling the fire by making her all these skirts? Probably. Then again, this is about the height of my sewing skills and I don't see myself tackling pants any time soon. I guess this way she'll also appreciate the value of handmade? Or maybe this way I get to do something fun for me and I shouldn't worry about the impact on her so much. That seems sound.