May 11, 2009

First Franklin Square of the Year

A gorgeous evening well spent. You know what I love most about these pictures? How much of a kid Lara has turned into. Look at her on that spinning tire thing - she just all knees and ankles and kid energy. Nothing baby or toddler about her at all any more. For some reason it stands out more to me in the photos than in real life, although I see it plenty there too.


Yes, I did chop my hair off even more. I love it. I highly recommend super-short hair to everyone.


A few days ago:

L: (hugging around my belly and then blowing a raspberry on it) I love you baby brover.
Me: Awww...
(a few seconds pass, and she starts swatting my belly with her open palms)
Me: Ouch, what are you doing?
L: I'm fighting with my brover!

Looks like he's in for some mixed messages...

1 comment:

Tigermom said...

Hang in there Lara.

Being a big sister has its challenges, but also rewards.

Big fan of the shorter hair.