April 7, 2009

Tee Ball

We signed Lara up for tee ball this spring. Exactly how cute are a bunch of three year olds running around playing baseball? I don't think there's words. Lara loves being a Bumblebee so far (one weekend in), but her interest is primarily sartorial - and really, who can resist this awesome uniform?

Sadly, Gus is not just on a different team, he's on a whole different field! But on opening day they got to see each other a little bit.

Lara pensively studies the field to determine her batting strategy...

... which for her turns out to be remedial batting practice with Coach Mike. Are we bad parents because she has never seen baseball played and thus had no idea how to hold the bat? What worked best was to tell her it was just like hitting the pinata at Gus's house, but I think she was sad to see that no candy came out of the wiffle ball.


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, everyone, but I think I was too cryptic. Lara's third birthday was in November. The little bag I made was for our friend Juliet who just turned three.


Jay said...

There's a team called the bedbugs?

In other news, my word verification is prorgly, which sounds very Harry Potter-ish.

mwg said...

Hey, that was the cutest Sunday vignette! I guess next Sunday is LaCrosse?

... and how about "capsila" for my verification word - I think it describes a new millinery trend..

Karen said...

When reading your previous post I think I actually said out loud to myself "I thought Lara was older than my girls!"! I was right!

Very cute bumblebee!