April 3, 2009

On a rainy yucky day, there's nowhere to go but the Please Touch Museum. Here is Lara modeling her lovely rain coat. Can you tell she wasn't all that into modeling this morning? (Oh, and also? This is the first time I've been able to get her to accept the necessity of a hair clip when her hair is down. Usually she just rips it out as soon as I put one in.)

We mostly hung out in the Alice in Wonderland forest. There is a really great maze of optical illusions there (concave and convex mirrors, hallways built at a slight incline that make it look like they are shrinking as you walk through them, etc.) and Lara was totally freaked out by it today, pretty much for the first time. I guess that means she's starting to get them? We settled for a tea party and a ride on the Dodo.