February 17, 2009

Tune in Tomorrow!

Just wanted to remind everyone to tune in to the Martha Stewart Show tomorrow to see me in all my cardboard glory! If you go to her website, and scroll down the page a little, there is a section on the left called "Local Show Schedule," based on zip codes. Also, if you can't watch, all the shows are archives on the site itself so you can watch online. A caveat - I'm the very last guest on the show, in case you need to more precisely time how to watch :)

Also, in honor of the show, I have made my Cardboard Doll Furniture instruction booklet available for free from now on - check out the new link under "Free Instructions" on the right!


T.J. said...


I google image searched 'secret underground lair' last night, and I found your picture of same. I was wondering if you would mind if I put a link to that image in my 'What I want' list.

Buenos con queso,


Renee said...

Hi just saw you on the show. Love the washing machine. I'm gonna have a go at one myself.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Kenzie said...

I just saw you on Martha (which I don't normally watch) and I love your ideas!
My daughter is celebrating her first birthday soon and will be getting her very first baby doll. I can hardly wait to make some of this furniture for her!
Thank you so much for your green and economic ideas!!!!

Kenzie said...
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langlangcreations said...

I am usually a lurker of your blog. I was channel surfing and saw you on Martha. You looked really good and your instructions were great. Good job!

Terry said...

You were terrific on Martha! It was a good segment all the way around, with the other cardboard stove person, the felt food and then your wonderful little table and chairs. You were much more relaxed and articulate than the other two women. You seemed quite at ease and not at all nervous.

Anna said...

Thank you so, so much everyone! What lovely things to say! Thank you all for watching and for all your support!

(and TJ, I'm not sure what that list is... can you tell me more?)

calicodaisy said...

I just watched the clip. You did a very nice job of explaining and chatting with Martha. The furniture is darling!

dana said...

Saw you on there! You did a fabulous job and didn't let Martha intimidate you ever :).
Very cool furniture. You are a talented lady!