February 16, 2009

Lara's Doings

Guess who learned to ride a tricycle?

Misha came to pick up Lara at daycare one day and found out that she can ride all by herself! I love these discoveries. I love that she lives a small part of her life away from our eyes and has her own experiences that we don't share. It feels so grown up and independent. And at the same time so adorable - because, look at her, she's such a tiny baby still. Ahhhh...

The other day in the car she kept laughing and telling me to put my hands in my ear with a funny rising inflection. "Come on, Mommy, put your hands in your ear! Put your thumb in your ear!" Then I suddenly realized - we had just taken her to see the Sesame Street Live show where they kept trying to pump up the crowd, yelling "Put your hands in the air!" Hah! The best.

We've started telling her about how she is soon going to be a big sister, which she now is really into, but which initially prompted this exchange:

Lara: What's in your tummy?
Me: Well, actually, there's a little baby in my tummy. It's going to be your baby brother!
Lara: (looks at me with a mixture of pity, disdain, and sadness at my intellectual inferiority, then looks at her own tummy) No, Mommy, that's your belly button.

More recently, she has started to refer to "the baby in Mommy's tummy whose name is My Little Brother," but whom she thinks we should name "Lara."


dlr said...

Oh my gosh, I am just melting from all that cuteness!!! So precious. Can't wait to see her again.

Karen said...

Very cute! We will be going to see Sesame Street Live soon~ I'm sure I'll laugh when they say "put your hands in the air!"
Looking forward to Martha tomorrow!

mm said...

So--o-o-o-o cute!
...It will be so much fun to go back and re-read all the stories in a couple of years (almost wrote "ears") - it's great to have them all written down...