February 14, 2009

Happy Valentimes Day!

That's what Lara calls it.

Valentimes Monster with Sunbunnies

This is her "funny Valentimes monster on a sick, for a present for Daddy! I love Daddy soooo much!" I threw it in with the sun bunnies* I bought yesterday - lots cuter that way, don't you think?

* That's what we call roses with this coloration around here. It started when I told Misha that in Russian, when you catch the sun with a shiny object and make a little reflected light spot on the wall, it's called a sun bunny (why is there no good word for it in English, anyway?). Then he decided that these roses look like they should be called sun bunnies too.


M. B. Karger said...

Thank you for the smile. I love that you call reflected light spots (and these roses) "sun bunnies." It's the perfect term for them. When I play my ukulele, my daughters like to try to touch the sun bunnies on the wall, but they always hop away before they get there. ;)

Looking forward to the MS Show!

ANI said...

You know, I have completely forgotten about "солнечные зайчики" until you've just brought it up - it's amazing how much the roses look like them, I might need to steal that term from you:)

Happy Valentine's Day!