January 4, 2009

Happy New Year, Everyone!

A little Lara learning letters to greet 2009:

I just realized that I haven't compiled a Lara-isms list in quite some time - and that of course makes me feel doubly guilty since she is so funny every day and I frequently wish that our whole house were wired with a 24 hour video feed of her doings. Thus, in no particular order:

- Lara has recently figured out how to get most of her clothes on and off by herself (pretty much everything except pants that have buttons or hook closures). This results in comical combinations of multiple pairs of pants on over one another, a sudden urge to spend the day in the house in winter mittens, or a decision to put her puffy jacket on over her sleepy in the morning to traipse around the house. This is in combination with the various accessories and accouterments that transform her either into a princess (that's usually accomplished with some kind of head drapery) or, more recently, a Mummer (a look that includes a headband, belt, and sash made out of Misha's ties).

- Recent forays to restaurants have Lara bringing me various toy food platters on her forearm, "Like a waitress, Mommy! I'm bringing you this cookie just like a waitress!" ... this comment may also reveal something about our peaceful-restaurant-meal bribery program.

- There is a lot of ordering around of everyone these days, but each fiat is accompanied by a winning "Pleeeeaase!" that tends to get results. Now Lara has also figured out what to say after her commands have been carried out, but she tends to do both parts: "Thank you, Mommy, for putting on the movie, you're welcome! You're welcome, Mommy!" She is also quick to prompt us when we are supposed to say thank you - pretty much after she condescends to do something we ask: "Sweetheart, please put your boots away." "[while throwing them into the closet] Thank you for putting them away nicely!"

- She has internalized all our nicknames for her and calls herself by them hilariously. I won't list them here. You all know why.

- Lara can now actually talk on the phone to all her family. Mostly the conversation is just sweets, especially when talking to Daddy at work. "Hewo? Hi, Daddy. I'm playing wif Mommy. I love you Daddy! I miss you! I want to eat pasta but it's not ready yet. It's cooking. Mommy is cooking the pasta for me! I love you Daddy!" You can probably imagine the hearts of all our long-distance family members melting at the tiny voice on the line. I love that I can hand her the phone without her instantly managing to hang up.

- I keep meaning to record this fun fact for posterity: Lara has trouble with words that start with a multiple consonant combination beginning with "s" - she turns the whole string of sounds into "f." Thus we get a lot of requests for "finging on the fings on the playground!" I love it.

Hmm... that's all I can think of for now. Perhaps Mr. Forty-Two Roads will add some more.


mwg said...

From all "different kinds of people" - it was great!

Anonymous said...

could there be anything sweeter? Nancy