December 29, 2008

Hanukkah, part III (party at our house!)

True to our almost-new-year pledge of being more social, we had a few people over for the fourth night of Hanukkah. So fun! It came together surprisingly easily, too - certainly enough to make us want to entertain way more often... which shouldn't be too hard considering our average right now is .5 times/year... I made latkes and banana-cranberry bread, and the rest was pretty much potluck. Party enjoyed by all:

There is pretty much no better way to define "parallel play"...

Though I was happy to see the little kitchen actually made Lara and her friend Matt play together!

Matt brought Lara a completely amazing present - an enormous tool kit complete with things like calipers, a level, both a jigsaw and a regular saw, socket wrenches, and a few tools I might not even know by name! Plus a totally cool tool belt and hard hat:

Of course, for Lara the belt instantly turned into the accessory du jour, to be paired with matching hat and shoes, and interestingly contrasting briefcase. Girls.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see Lara using tools to fix her own stove. She will be ahead of her gender! Love Nancy