December 23, 2008

Hanukkah, part II (the decorations)

The beautiful table spread at Dadie's house this weekend:

Hanukkah 08 - table at Dadie's

My greening gift wrap this year consisted of trying to make nice gift boxes that could be reused (thus, nothing sealed and no permanently attached gift tags). I decorated the boxes with rectangles of art paper, making sure to cover any labels or brand names. Anything that I didn't have a box for was wrapped in brown craft paper and decorated the same way.

Hanukkah 08 - gift wrap

The gift tags were birds from the delicate artwork on this year's Nordstrom shopping bags, by illustrator Lisa Evans.

And as for the clues (those little rolled up pieces of white paper)? This year we went for riddles. Here they are (the answers are at the bottom of the post):

1) You love them in 3D, and remember them flat;
collect the flat memories in me and see them at the drop of a hat.

2) I'm a book where yesterday follows today,
and a cynical mood is on display.

3) After you use us for your thought threads,
We’ll be black and white, and all over red.

4) Outside they grow, inside they decorate;
put them in me to keep them long past their sell-by date.

5) I’m many but also one;
use me around the house and the job is soon done.

6) You drink it to keep sleep away;
put it in me to keep it hot all day.

7) I can be oval, square, or round;
whatever you love, I will surround.

8) A long time ago, my work saved Penelope;
now my job has been replaced with machinery.

9) We go around stems to keep confusion at bay;
Use us like bracelets at your next soiree.


Meanwhile, at our house, some garlands of snowflakes and stars of David:

Hanukkah 08 - garlands

And some wintry flowers to add to the theme. I made sure to get some eucalyptus stems - smells delicious!

Hanukkah 08 - flowers

1) photo album, 2) Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary, 3) little notebooks, 4)flower vase, 5) tool kit, 6) insulated coffee mug, 7) photo frame, 8) loom (the actual gift was an antique shuttlecock), 9) wine glass charms

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