December 22, 2008

Hanukkah, part I (the people)

There really is no better way to spend a Sunday than surrounded with love and family. What a lovely, lovely celebration.

It was freezing (and also sleeting) outside when we came, so Lara didn't put on her party regalia for a little while. This is us mid-dress-putting-on-coax.

Emily, Irina, and Max valiantly try to get Lara to share her goldfish. Guess how many they got? That's right, 0.

Running barefoot to Emily to escape. "I want no stockings!"

Lexi, Nancy, and Emily are much easier to get to pose than Lara is. Aren't they adorable?

Ta-da! All dressed up. She is pulling along one of her presents - a set of golf clubs. She wasn't all that interested in hitting the ball with them, though. At first there was a lot of caddying, but then she figured out how to somehow make the bag into a ride-on toy and was scooting around on it for a while.

We had a pretty high-tech gathering, patching in Jane and Bob from North Carolina and Amy and David from California. They were really a part of the whole thing, and even got to play some of the clues (more on that in the next post)! How cool is that? Of course, eventually, the computer screen became devoted to various team rivalries, as those various "sucks" signs kept coming back in different incarnations. Love it.

Happy Hanukkah, everybody!

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mwg said...

Great, Great pictures and stories! Thank you for letting us on the fun!