November 11, 2008

More Zoo

So, now that Ms. Fortytworoads (Mrs? Future-Dr? Not sure on the correct polite appellation for the wife, here) has given you a bowl of delicious soup, I have to share with you this monstrous creature from the black lagoon.

This turtle fascinates me. I mean, I love taking Lara to the zoo, and if I had the time and technological know-how to figure out what's wrong with uploading Google videos, you'd get treated to such footage as me desperately trying to get our 3 year old to look at a gibbon as he swings at warp 9 all around his cage, trying vainly to inveigle a giant orangutan (orang-utan?) to play with him. However, I can't upload that, so you'll have to use your imagination. Lara likes the apes. She calls them all gorillas. She seems amused at the actual gorillas; last time we were there a female gorilla was carting around a box, sat down, opened it, and took out a carrot, and started to munch it. Lara likes watching them eat their vegetables, and will comment on it endlessly; however, "eat your vegetables like the gorillas" does not succeed in getting Lara to actually imitate her healthier ancestors.

Anyway, back to Godzilla up there. Lara is, umm, aware of this turtle, but I think it's sort of commonplace for her. "Oh yeah, that giant turtle the size of a VW bug; I've seen it before." She's been in the zoo countless times, and, since the house of reptiles is the first in-door exhibit, and is superwarm, we tend to bolt in there all winter. Now, while this beastie is common to her, I'm thinking, "Where did they dig this thing up? Is it 2000 years old? How does this guy get this tiny aquarium, he's a monster!"

So, I'm sharing with you, our local Philadelphia Zoo's biggest turtle. Enjoy!


mwg said...

Wow, what a monster creature lurking out there in the back. I saw similar ones in Hawaii but they did not have that scary scowl..:) and Lara does seems to be quite nonplussed by the "Philly Ness". And I also enjoyed the whole vignette!

Karen said...

Such a cute kiddo! Happy belated Birthday!