August 4, 2008

A League of Our Own

We had the best day yesterday - perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky, so lots of outside time. Misha and I got out the baseball gloves and ball and played catch in the park while Lara ran around chasing birds. She was even mildly interested in our game, as evidenced by the quick cell phone photo.

I have to say, doing something outside that is fun for us and not just for her was really... well, really fun. I haven't played catch in probably a couple of years, and as for Misha, he was yet again floored that I am able to throw a small spherical object with some degree of force towards him, and that on its return journey I can pluck said sphere out of its arched path intercepting its trajectory with my glove.

We were also thinking that maybe the reason Lara doesn't really get the whole "play catch" deal is that she doesn't see people doing it very often? She likes us to chase her, so she's not drawing a total blank on games in general. Yesterday she still wasn't extremely thrilled by the ball, and was happier picking up leaves and trying to catch squirrels, but she did want to participate at least a little bit. Either way, time well spent.

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