July 10, 2008


Dear Blog,

I hope you aren't feeling too abandoned. You tend to be the first thing to go when life gets overwhelming... but here is a little post to update you.

Dear friends,

I've been trying very hard to make lemonade out of the lemons life keeps piling up at our doorstep, but there are too many of them, and I really don't even like lemonade in the first place. I am trying to get back to a place where I can again keep up this happy creative space. In the meantime, a moment from a walk a few days ago:

See how Misha's arms form a throne for the little princess? If he so much as flinches to put an arm down, she grabs his elbow and yells,

"Daddy, put up your arm up up up!"


Anonymous said...

are you sure you're not raising a brat???

Avi said...

I like the haircut and trimmed beard, Misha.
Lara's adorable as ever.
I did miss the blogging. The lemon-lemonaide proverb is broken to begin with :(

Karen in Buffalo said...

Sometimes it would just feel better to throw the lemons AT someone! Squeeze that cute little Lara instead! :)
Take care and blog when YOU feel like blogging!

Anonymous said...

I'd throw lemons at "anonymous" up above; you're the best! I can't believe someone would comment about your little delight, especially while you're admitting your down! Anonymous, go away; 42 roads, come back to stay!

Anna said...

Avs, Misha is happy with your sartorial praise. I like his hair this way too. What do you mean about my metaphor being broken?