July 15, 2008

Matryoshka Dolls

My mom brought these great nesting dolls from Moscow for Lara - and they were quite the big hit. Lara likes opening them up and saying, "Another one!" We did, however, have to confiscate the smaller ones (there are ten, and the innermost one is less than an inch tall!) because Lara's habit of chewing on stuff and the balsa-esque wood they are made out of don't mix too well.

I really love their super-traditional look, with those pink circle cheeks and garlands of roses. They are made exactly the way I remember from childhood, down to the fact that all of them are wearing these garland-aprons except the very smallest matryoshka, which is the baby and is thus drawn just swaddled in a yellow blanket.


cyndyava said...

I love these dolls, too. I laughed when I read this because we had to do the same thing with my daughter...hide the wee little one for the same reason! Your daughter is just too cute, really.
During the winter I saw what would have made a great gift for someone (like me). It was a set of blank nesting dolls. So the person could design them any way they wanted to. However, I believe they are exactly as they are meant to be!

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avi said...

Hello cute little girl playing with dolls!

Tigermom said...

I never lose interest in those classic dolls.

ANI said...

I love the fact that they are traditionally painted - I have a set just like these, with aprons! And Lara is so adorable when playing with them!