June 23, 2008

Photo Shoot

So... guess what? Craft Magazine is going to feature the reupholstered rocking chair I made in its last page column called "Makeover"! I know! When they emailed I was totally flabbergasted and may well have overgushed about, you know, all the love in emails back.

First they compiled a knowingly insightful series of interview questions, and then yesterday they sent out Dustin, a friendly neighborhood photographer, to take some pictures of the rocker - and, of course, of Lara riding it.

Craft Magazine photo shoot 2

Getting the model to pose for longer than 15 minutes involved some cajoling as you may well imagine, and someone - not mentioning any names - may have gotten an extra piece of "vitamin candy" for cooperating past the point of her innate interest.

Craft Magazine photo shoot 1

But overall, Lara was a fan of the "photofographer," and I think I might have even ended up in a few pics as well. Should be in the next issue.

Oh, and incidentally, check out this cool light-diffuser thingie that was part of the very cool, very elaborate photography equipment setup:

Craft Magazine photo shoot 3

I feel like it could be a cool ring or necklace.


M. B. Karger said...

Congratulations! You're famous--er! Great work on the rocking chair, and superb work keeping your head on your shoulders during the photoshoot and amid all the fanfare!

Clapping for you and your cutie!

mwg said...

Big, big kudos and congrats!!!
... and by the way, this entry should not have been put under "Upholstery", this entry should have entered under "Acknowledgments, interviews, and publications" :)

avi said...

That's great, Anna (and Lara)!
Make sure you put a link to the article when it gets published.

Sarah said...

Wow that's great!!!!!! I can't wait to see it :)

HeatherK said...

Wow!! That's fantastic. I loved that when you posted. How fun that Lara got to have a photoshoot! Yay!