June 22, 2008

Good-bye, City by the Bay

Well, we're back in Philly. There are a fun couple of things brewing around here, and some that were done brewing before we left but I never got to show you, but before that - one more San Francisco post. As we walked around I became more and more obsessed with the neo-Victorian, gaudy, ornate style of the houses. It really looks like nothing that I've ever seen anywhere else. And what's more amazing to me is that they continue building them like this - new construction is just as busily appointed with masonry bits, ribbon-like designs, and molding upon layer of gorgeous molding. Just fantabulous.

peach castle

A peach castle up the street from Amy's house. The owners have been there since the 70's, amassing their impenetrable floral moat. I'm thinking a small army of gardeners must be lurking in those bushes.

sale house with fountain

We stumbled on this one ascending hill after non-stop hill in my misguided attempt to find a shortcut. It was enormous - it easily goes at least twice as far as this photo in each direction. (And hey, if you're in the market, looks like you're in luck - that's 415-401-9966 for Sotheby's own Payton Stiewe!)

shingled house

We ended up buying this one... Ok, not really. But doesn't Misha look like the proud home-owner in that shot?

sushi sign

Hey, those cocktails mom used to give us kids were really great!

ornate house

This one just looks like it was covered in brocade. I am crazy about this ornamentation. I wonder if neighbors would complain if you built a house like this in Philly?

gaudy house

Opinion here is split on this one. I think these colors are perfect and an amazing combination, but Misha is a little overwhelmed by them. What do you think?

fog rolls in

And finally, you know the expression "the fog came rolling in"? Did you know that that's actually exactly, literally what fog does? That huge billow of fog that Misha is pointing at was moving at an incredible speed, unfolding like a rolled up carpet onto the city. Completely insane-looking.


Lasagna said...

I'm on your side of the debate - those colors are lovely.

Amy said...

Yippie! Welcome home. Please do not move to San Fran.

I vote 'amazing' on the colors of that house. It looks like the whole thing could be a stained glass window. If you are looking for an ornate Philly house check out Catharine Street between Front Street and Second. New, ornate construction on the right! It is pretty crazy.

Avi said...

Glad you're back too. If you guys did end up moving to the bay area, then my chances of moving there (already somewhere between 25%-50%) would increase substantially.

Welcome home!

HeatherK said...

I'm with you on the colors, too! That fog picture is just wild--I had no idea! Welcome back!

mwg said...

The house is fun but reminded me of the jewelry I sometimes like on other people, but can't even IMAGINE wearing it myself :)