May 15, 2008

Nature Painted

I've been reading this book, and this blog, and this website, and I think it's time to do more art projects with Lara. Creativity is such an important thing in my life, and something I would so much like to pass along to her... she is a little resistant though, what with being 2 and everything. I am also somewhat resistant to myself, what with being panicked at the infinite possibilities of messiness. And obviously the only thing I can actually transmit is the idea that creativity is a value - not the ability to create itself. Hard to distinguish, but crucial. Nevertheless, yesterday we collected some outside objects and then painted them:

Painted Pinecones

Some pinecones, a stick, and a spiky seed pod that my limited botanical skills cannot identify. Lara wasn't so much into the actual painting process, but she was totally thrilled to give a pinecone to Misha as a present when he came home at night, and to put another one up on her art shelf. We'll try again soon.