May 18, 2008

Egg Carton Boats

Egg Carton Boats 1

A few days ago Lara and I painted some flags to make egg carton boats, which we sailed in the fountain this morning. I drew a few boats with flags, and she basically painted everywhere but there on that piece of paper. Today, we cut out rectangular flags and glued them onto toothpicks. Then I poked the toothpicks through some cut-down styrofoam egg carton pieces. Et voila - boats!

Egg Carton Boats 2

We tested their sea-worthiness at length, and I realized too late that I had forgotten to attach some kind of balast to them. I'm guessing a penny taped onto the bottom would have worked well.

I put a few pebbles into the first one we launched and that was the lone survivor.

Egg Carton Boats 3

Well, there's still eight more egg cups left in that carton!


HeatherK said...

That's an awesome idea! Totally going to borrow that one---my girls would love it!

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