May 23, 2008

A Dose of Cuteness

Perfect weather for climbing the rocks near the river.

It was so soothing to have this good day today, one of the best in a while. This blog is as much as anything an escape for me, and I do not tend to put anything but our joys here, but I feel like I have to at least say that we have had a very difficult time of it recently. Thank you everyone who has written to say hello or to comment on my projects. It means a lot to have this distraction.


Lasagna said...

I hope things smooth out for you soon.

I'm always so impressed with your ingenuity and love reading your posts.


Anonymous said...

I'm usually not one for comments, but Lara's shirt is just perfect for this set! I love that last picture.

I assume the pictures of her playing stratego in the park are for the next post ?

mm said...

Thank you for these wonderful peaceful pictures.... God Bless...

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Makes me happy when you have newly posted. Hope you have a happy day :O)


Anonymous said...

It was a most beautiful day. I love that child and her parents. Very special people all.

susan said...

The Lara pictures are lovely, as always. You were right about the fairy princess hair. :-)

Hope that the things on other fronts get easier soon.