May 22, 2008

Contact Paper Collage

I always want to do collage with Lara, but I'm pretty leery of the glue situation... She might be ready, but I certainly am not. So I decided to try out this idea - and I think it's a hit.

We collected leaves, bark, and flowers outside, found some good pictures in a few magazines, and then I also cut up some paper and fabric pieces into shapes. I sorted them all in a muffin tin for easy access:

Contact Paper Collage (pieces)

Then I took a piece of clear contact paper (pretty easy to find at drug stores and such), and taped it sticky-side up to her art table. After the collage was done, I just folded the contact paper over to seal the art forever!

Contact Paper Collage (on display)

We tried it a couple of times, and each time it was a hit for a couple of minutes at least - and Lara also really liked just sticking and unsticking her hand on the contact paper and the zippy sound that made.


mwg said...

i love all these kids' projects you think about - really great and creative!

HeatherK said...

I'm loving your explorations in toddler art! I almost feel like I'm cheating that I get all these great ideas from you and Lara! Thank you!