April 6, 2008

The scarf and the kitchen sink

Lara's new thing is stuffing my scarf into my mouth as I carry her. My new thing is tickling her while she's doing it.

Incidentally, this scarf is another "runs in the family" item - knitted by Misha's aunt Amy and the only one I ever wear.

Unrelatedly, the "kitchen sink" soup this week came out really yummy. This one is half farmer box, half Trader Joe's: it has carrots, onions, celery, bok choi, white beans, yellow and red peppers, potatoes, and fresh and dried parsley (fresh for the beginning to make the stock, dried later in the cooking). Am I the only one who eats all soups with a dollop of sour cream? I think I need to pass that one on to Lara, along with eating jam from those little containers in restaurants with a spoon.

"Kitchen sink" veggie soup

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cyndyava said...

Wow. Those photos of the two of you brought tears to my eyes. They are just such an expression of pure joy and love. You are both sooooo beautiful!
P.S. The soup looks yummy. Did you make the stock from scratch?