April 3, 2008

It Runs in the Family

Me and my dad, way back in the day - um, the 70's obviously. Look at his hair. (Incidentally, you be the judge: does Lara look like me as a baby?) We are cute, yes, but that is not my point - rather, check out the amazing knitted jacket I am wearing. Where could I have gotten such fantabulous clothes, you ask? Well, my mom was a crazily talented knitter, creating wildly cool stuff for me, and some for herself of course. I still remember her blue needle case with its assortment of plastic, wooden, straight, and circular needles. For a long time now she has been a lapsed knitter, but I guess it's like riding a really complicated bicycle that you sort of forget to how ride once you stop, but can pick up again when someone shows you the basics again. Ok, nothing like a bicycle. But still, check out what she is in the midst of knitting for Lara:

Dress for Lara made by my mom (in progress)

Super-gorgeous! I love it. She is worried about fit (since she is in Moscow and since Lara is a reluctant model at best), but I am psyched about this dragon-fly stitch detail on the bodice:

Dress for Lara made by my mom - detail (in progress)

Yay, mom! (Ok, everyone comment to encourage her to finish it. She gets easily discouraged.)


ANI said...

ужасно красиво!

ailikate said...

I love it! What great colors. Are the dragonflies done with a cable needle? It looks like one stitch is pulled on either side. Or is it embroidered afterward? I'd love to find out!

Mama Monster said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That little dress is really awesome! What a great Grandma to knit Lara such a cute addition to her wardrobe. Love it!
Sincerely, Robyn

Anonymous said...

The only problem that I can see is that everyone will want the pattern! It's so cute! I hope your mom continues to knit now that she has started again. A lot of us have re-discovered the joys of knitting.

MomVee said...

Oooh, I love everything about it! Finish! Finish!