March 8, 2008

What We Did Today

First thing in the morning, we cooked in the kitchen. I made some soup, and Lara made some crackers to go with it. Her crackers seemed mostly to consist of H2O, but who am I to argue with culinary genius? Every now and then she would offer me a spoonful of her crackers, and they were indeed thirst-quenchingly delicious.

Then we retired to the private residence for a coronation ceremony. Misha has been mocking me "children of the shoemaker have no shoes"-style, and I finally whipped up a crown for Lara. She is a fan. This is her new "cheese" face for picture-taking... I'm guessing it's something from school? Do they take a lot of pictures there? Don't know, but either way, every time the camera comes out she now mugs and says "Cheese!"

The coronation ceremony was quite intense, and was immediately followed by some raucous partying.

The princess approves of herself. This picture is like the moment when Julius Caesar finally sets up the throne for himself in the Senate. I mean, they've all known he was the emperor for a long time already - this is just an ornamental formality. Same here, with our tiny tyrant.

Maybe the post-coronation celebrations were a bit too wild?

Well, time to get this royal show on the road. Lara dressed herself entirely by herself today.

Perfect outfit for going to the Please Touch museum, aka the best place ever. First she set up some trains....

And then gassed up the truck for the next adventure.


mwg said...

what a great day - befits the roayl princess perfectly!:)

Julie said...

What a sweetie you have there.

We went to the Please Touch Museum years ago. Time for a visit with Philly relatives again, I think.

I want to tag you for a "6 things about me" meme on my blog but wanted to ask your permission first. Are you a go?