March 14, 2008


Well, Anna (and Lara) have been sick, and so you get the rarity of a back-to-back Mr. Fortytworoads post.

I walked Lara to school today; here are some conversational excerpts (note: it's a 12 minute walk for me; it took us 49 minutes).

As we left the building, on seeing two dogs:
"No no doggies, not eat me!" (Lara promptly fled the scene)

While I tried to get her to walk on the sidewalk, out of the mud:
"No no daddy, I walk on gass [grass]; I walk on wocks! [rocks]"

We walk right by the river on the way to day care; it was high tide and there was a little pool of water with two geese.
"Hi geese, nice to meet you!"

As we walked up to the bridge over the river, we criss-crossed over the same two geese multiple times.
"Bye bye geese, nice seeing you!" (she repeated this every time she saw the geese)

She stumbled upon a tiny brown rock, picked it up, held it out to me and said:
"This is a wittoh wock [little rock]. This is a wittoh bown [brown] wock. This is a wittoh Wawa wock [Lara rock]. Iwannakeepit!" (She always says 'I want to keep it' rapidly strung-together, as if it's one word... she's adorable!)

She also had a comment about each and every parked car. I can't remember them all, but they were amusing observations. The best, though, was as we were walking in towards school, through the parking lot, a car pulled up, so that it's hood/front bumper extended out from the lot onto the sidewalk pavement near where we were walking. Lara shouted:
"Oh no, not eat me car-tiger!"

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Great story-jokes :)