February 19, 2008

Gus's Birthday!

Ok, so it was last Thursday and we went away for the weekend to New York before I could post pics. Gus turned two, and fun was had by all! Amy made a really really great post about it with all sorts of pictures and stories. How cute are those hats and decorations that she made? Amy, you rock. Lara was a big fan of that strawberry and whipped cream cake.

I made Lara a little party dress for the occasion. Reconstructed from some tiny baby jeans, a fleece blanket, and a piece of star-flecked dark blue cotton left over from the quilt.

Refashioned party dress - denim with blue fleece ruffles

Fun to make, fun to wear.


cyndyava said...

Hi Anna, I'm Cyndy. I love your blog. I have a daughter, Josette-she's three. I guess that's just one reason I enjoy reading about Lara so much. My question this evening...Did you use a pattern for the dress? It is just adorable, so cool. I tend to save many of Josie's clothes from various size stages. I do dream of reconstruction some day...but my skills are quite basic. Just wondering...

mwg said...

Great picture of both of them! What a great dress (the best ever!) - Lara looks so adorable in it! I love the color combination and the use of jeans hardware. Just great! And finally my favorite tights:)

Anna said...

Hi Cindy!

Thanks so much for the nice words!

Nope, no pattern for the dress - just sort of eyeballed it and figured it out in my head. I'm not sure how to use patterns, truth be told, and with reconstructing old clothes it always feels like you just have to improvise so much anyway. For instance, the straps on this dress have rows of snaps of them, because they were the between-leg fastening tape of the tiny baby jeans they came from. As straps, they look really cool - I really like the copper hardware feature. The rest of the dress was just long rectangles. I ran a basting stitch along one long side, gathered it to the right length, and then handsewed it to the previous layer. Hope that helps!


Hollie said...

Hi Anna,
I'm Hollie. I get so excited about checking your blog. I want to make an apron for my mom and my mother-in-law with my daughter Laney's clothes. Can you give me a little explanation as to how you put it together? Thanks

Hollie said...

Oh and I forgot to mention...I'm referring to the apron that ties around your waist only and is under the "sewing" label, made from patches of Lara's clothes.